Wood Care

Wood grains, by nature, will vary.  They accept finishes differently. Some characteristics, such as "cherry pits" and knots, give your furniture natural beauty and authenticity.  Much of our wood furniture has been "distressed" by the manufacturer.  This adds a charming, aged look and hides future small imperfections that may occur during normal use.

Following these few basic steps will help you enjoy and protect your investment for years to come.


Do not expose your furniture to any liquids.

All liquids should be wiped up immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth in the direction of the wood grain.  For stone surfaces, liquids should be immediately soaked up with a paper towel and wiped dry to avoid any staining.


Do not place your furniture next to strong or direct sunlight, heat outlets, open windows and dampness.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause fading of your furniture finish.  Extreme temperatures and humidity changes can cause cracking and splitting.


Do not place rubber or plastic material on the wood finish.

Chemicals within the plastic or rubber may react with the finish if left in contact for a long period of time.  Place a strip of felt or cork under your accessories to avoid any markings.


Never place hot objects on any furniture surface.

Always place a hot plate between your furniture top and a hot object to protect your furniture.


Dust with a clean, damp, lint free cloth.

Frequent dusting will remove abrasive build up, which can damage a finish over time.  Small scratches and mars can be touched up or covered with a mar or scratch remover or a touch up stick.  These can be purchased from any paint or hardware store.